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BBQ In The Sky

When you think of a summer barbeque, what comes to mind? Most would think of flipping burgers in a backyard while the kids run around, and maybe even jump in the pool, right? But what if you wanted to enjoy the feeling of a relaxing backyard barbeque, but were tired of the normal run of the mill experience? Our long weekend, Barbeque In The Sky event, was the answer that many of our affluent guests had been looking for.  Using in the beautiful Toronto skyline as our “backyard”, guests...

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Summer Boat Cruise

Toronto’s harbour front comes alive in the summer, with concerts, festivals, locals and tourists strolling along the boardwalk as sail boats are gently carried away by the wind. Among the sea of people, we are able to spot those invited to our special summer event, sailing on a traditional 165 foot three masted Schooner tall ship in Lake Ontario. As guests approached the ship, the sounds of the festive beats of steel-band and carnival music greet them, along with chilled champagne,...

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Thanksgiving 2018: Why You Should Think About Catering for the Holidays

Thanksgiving can be a weekend full of hard work, cooking, decorating and entertaining... but for those who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy this time with family, we've got your back! Hiring a private chef or catering company to handle all of the Thanksgiving cooking is the perfect way to hand off responsibilities while knowing the meal will still be a success. Outsourcing this year's Thanksgiving tasks will give you back the time needed to enjoy being with your family, which is what...

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